While moving interstate, or even to another town, can be exciting and open up a whole range of opportunities, moving can also be stressful and time consuming. That’s why the more information you can gather ahead of time and plans made in advance, the smoother your transition will be.

We’ve created a checklist to help you make your next moving journey as smooth as possible.

1. Find a good removalist

AtoB can assist with removal advice, pre-packing supplies and answer any questions about moving that you may have.

2. Organize packing boxes

Are you packing your household items yourself? If so you’ll need a supply of good-quality moving boxes and strong packing tape that won’t give way. AtoB can supply quality moving boxes and storage facilities.

3. Packing

Most people have more belongings than they realise. You may wish to organise a garage sale, a skip bin or donate and give-away unwanted items. Make sure you use adequate packing and padding materials for your fragile items and ensure you don’t pack boxes too heavily to move them. Mark each box clearly with which room is to go to in your new premises.

4. Bills and Rates

Check to see if you have any outstanding council rates or utility bills. Make sure they’re paid before you move to reduce the risk of losing the paperwork or accidentally accruing late fees.

5. Utility connections and disconnections

Once you have a definite moving date, organise for the disconnection of your existing utilities but remember to also organise the connection of utilities at your new premises in advance, including Electricity, Gas, Water, Telephone, Internet & Alarm system monitoring

6. Cleaning

Whether you are intending to clean yourself or hire a cleaning firm, make sure you leave enough time after everything has been moved out of the premises.

7. Insurance

Before moving into your new premises, whether buying or renting, consider organising home and contents insurance or updating your existing insurance policy. Check with your current insurer as to what coverage you have during the move. AtoB is insured up to $100,000.

8. Update your address

This can be time consuming but remember to notify all existing service providers of your new address. This may include workplaces, schools, banks, credit cards, magazine and paper subscriptions, online shopping websites, insurance and superannuation providers. You may wish to organise mail redirection through your local Australia Post for any providers you may have forgotten.

9. Moving Day

If you need to move interstate or locally, be it business relocation or home relocation, it can be a daunting task. It gets even more complicated when you bring in the presence of children and pets into the mix. To make the transition to your home smoother – you’ll need a good removalist. A good removalist service can make all the difference when moving from A to B.

AtoB Furniture Removalists can assist with removal advice, pre-packing supplies and answer any questions about moving that you may have. We aim to make your relocation experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

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