Office relocations are always a headache, but the good news is that there are many ways to make it easier on you and your team. Here are some tips for preparing your team for an office move:

First thing first:

The first step in preparing for your office move is to create a list of everything that needs to be done and the timelines associated with them. This is where you will start getting organised and planning.

Get organised:

Before you start packing up your office, take inventory of what you have and figure out how much space you’ll need in your new location. This will help you determine how much time it will take to pack up each room and how best to organise your belongings in storage.

Take advantage of technology:

Technology has made moving easy — especially when it comes to managing logistics! There are several apps that can help manage everything from packing lists and inventory lists to creating new files once everything is unpacked at the new office location (and even finding furniture!).

Start packing early:

It’s best to start packing as soon as possible so you don’t have a lot of boxes piling up by the door on moving day. You might want to hire a professional mover if you have a lot of heavy items or if there are multiple floors in your building.

AtoB Furniture Removals will take care of you and your office move. We have spacious trucks and professional movers to make sure your move goes smoothly, and we’re fully insured* for your peace of mind.

Inform your team:

Make your team aware of the date of your move-out and move-in dates at least 2 weeks in advance so they can plan accordingly. You could also offer training sessions so that everyone knows how to use new systems like printers, computers or phones in their new workspace.

Food and snacks:

Stock up on snacks and beverages so that everyone doesn’t go hungry during breaks from packing up or unpacking new items into their desks after moving into a new office space!

AtoB Furniture Removals promise to make your office move a breeze. Let our team of professional furniture movers prepare your office for the move and they will ensure everything is neat and tidy when you and your team arrive in the new office.

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*Free but an excess if claim arises. For more details visit our website.