Caring for an aging loved one is a beautiful responsibility, but it can become very stressful when it comes time for them to relocate. Moving can be difficult for anyone, but when someone is moving from a home full of memories at a later stage in their life, the experience can be even more overwhelming.

Seniors can face a lot of barriers – emotional and physical when moving. Arthritis and other physical ailments can make packing, clearing out and hauling boxes difficult, so it’s important to make sure the move goes as smoothly as possible.

We’ve complied a list of tips to make sure moving an elderly loved one in your life is as easy as possible.

  • Declutter and plan the move effectively:

The first step is to help them go through their home to decide what they want to take with them. This can be a very emotional experience for them—they’re saying goodbye to their old surroundings and saying hello to a new place. It’s a good idea to make a list of everything the person owns, including their personal affects (clothes, dishes, photos, etc.) and their home furnishings. Having a “to-do” list or taking photos of the plans before jumping into organising can help both the mover and the person who is moving as well.

  • Start the moving process early:

Many elderly people can feel overwhelmed by the prospect of moving, which is why we recommend you start the process earlier than you think you need to. Make sure all the utilities are handled before the actual moving time and the belongings are divided into “sell”, “donate” or “keep” pile.

  • Be patient and calm:

When you’re helping an elderly person move to a new home or aged care facility, it’s good to be patient and calm with them. They may be nervous about the move, and they might have trouble understanding.. It’s important to explain everything to them very clearly so that they understand what is happening throughout the process. Moving from a familiar space to an unknown space after years can be daunting, more so when you’ve got decades of memories in it. Show some compassion!

  • Find a reputable moving company:

Removing asenior elderly person from the home they’ve lived in for years is a huge ordeal and finding a reputable moving company to make the process as smooth as possible should be high priority.

At AtoB Furniture Removals, we have over 30 years of experience and are willing to go above and beyond to make sure your family member’s belongings are handled with care. With expertise in moving fragile items, we not only provide moving services, but can also help with storage and packing. Learn more about our services here or call 1300 40 11 40 to discuss more.

Helping seniors move. Tips and Tricks by AtoB Furniture removals