Eco-friendly ways to prepare for a move

We can take a lot of things for granted when it comes to relocating and harming the environment is certainly not one of them. Following are some tips you can follow to ensure as eco-friendly move as possible.

Donate items you no longer need:

Before you move into a new place, you’ll have a lot of stuff to pack and move from your old home to your new home that you don’t need—and some of it might be good for someone else. Take a look at what you’ve got and what you might want to get rid of.

Is there anything in your closet or drawers that you haven’t worn in a year? Donate or give to friends. Are there any toys or items that no one plays with anymore? Let them go. Are there any books you will never read again? Donate them to the library.

There are plenty of people out there who would benefit from your unwanted items —and would probably be more grateful for them than you’d expect!

Reusable Boxes & Bins

Reusable boxes and bins are a great way to reduce the amount of trash you produce as you move. When you’re planning your move, try to identify items that can be packed in reusable containers.

If you’re using heavy-duty plastic wrap or aluminum foil to pack dishes, bowls, and glasses, get rid of it all and buy re-usable versions. They might cost a little more up front, but they’ll pay for themselves quickly when you start using them in your new home instead of throwing out another disposable piece of plastic every time.

Biodegradable Supplies

When it comes time to unpack and move everything into your space, it’s important to use only supplies that can easily biodegrade and lessen your carbon footprint. You can choose compostable supplies like paper towels made from recycled materials, eco-friendly tape, or biodegradable packing peanuts for your fragile items. It’s a small change that makes a big difference, and you can easily find eco-friendly shipping supplies at any retail suppliers.

At AtoB Furniture Removals, We are environmentally friendly and always endeavor to recycle, and be mindful of our surroundings along our road trips.

Recycle non-degradable items

When you’re packing up to move, it’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of instantly reducing the size of your possessions. We’ve all done it: when you realize that you now have room for five giant boxes instead of eight, you start tossing things, just because they don’t belong anywhere else. The result is a big mess that you’ll have to deal with later—or worse, a bunch of trash that are not degradable!

There are a lot of recycling services that will come to your house to collect all the recyclable stuff or even e-wastes. Just call them and they will schedule a time with you. Start with your local council.

Make your new home green

Making your home green is a fun and easy way to make it friendly to the environment and to yourself. First, consider switching from incandescent light bulbs (which give off a faint yellow glow), to compact fluorescent light bulbs. Second, start buying recycled paper products. Instead of using basic paper products that are made from trees, try recycled paper products. They’re just as good as the regular stuff, and they help preserve our forests.

At AtoB Furniture removals, we believe in the importance of being environmentally friendly. When moving across country or just down the street, we strive to be conscientious of our impact on the environment while we are moving. This ranges from recycling and reusing boxes, to protecting your belongings with blankets and pads. We can also help you pick out some eco-friendly packing supplies which can go a long way in ensuring that your goods arrive safely. Contact us for a free quote here or call us at 0417 808 927 for your interstate move and at 0423 495 582 for your local move.